Spring photo session in Malta

The best time for a photo shoot in Malta is spring and the beginning of summer. The weather is perfect: cloudless sky, warm sun and a light breeze from the sea.

I will be at my favorite island from the beginning of May until mid-June to work on new photo projects.

Golden Bay Malta

Ideas for a photo shoot in Malta

When you’re in Malta you don’t need to look for specific décor for a photo shoot — nature has already come up with it for you! Beautiful beaches, the blue sea,
picturesque landscapes, and white cliffs will be the perfect background for pictures.
I will offer you interesting ideas and prepare the best route for the photo shoot.

Family photo shoot in Malta

A sandy beach is a good choice for family photography.

Photoshoot in malta

I will select a secluded place for you to get the perfect shot. You need to keep in mind that the best shots will be taken in the morning or at the sunset. Pictures at noon will have sharp shadows and highlights.
In the morning we can take pictures in action, for example, your family can run along the water’s edge with iridescent splashes, play «touch and run» or build a sand castle. It will distract your children, and the pictures will be natural and relaxed.

family photographer

There are “golden” hours in the evening that we can use. We can play with the shadows of buildings in the city or have a picnic on the beach at sunset. The pictures will come out full of life and leave pleasant memories of the vacation.

Wedding photo shoot in Malta

Wedding photo in Malta

A wedding photo session in Malta can take place with a background of cliffs and the sea or in the city surrounded by ancient architecture, where you will plunge into the times of the knightly era. The incredibly beautiful Villa Bologna Park will also be good for this photo shoot.

best photographer in Malta

Hen-party in Malta

Photoshoot of a bachelorette party in Malta

A photo session for a bachelorette party can be in the “Presidential Garden” or in an outdoor cafe in Valletta

Bachelorette Party in Malta

or a harbor with panoramic views, in the city of Marsaxlokk.

Love story in Malta

Maltese harbor

Personal photo session in Malta

photo shoot in Malta

All your creative ideas can be realized in a personal photo shoot. We will show your individuality in each picture. We can also use rocks, sea and sand, or city streets and old architecture as locations for this kind of a photo session.

stylish photo shoot in Barcelona

I will come to Malta in early May and spend almost 2 months there.

Please contact me by mail dimacube@inbox.ru or by phone +79651024773 to book a day and time for a photo session.

Photographer in Malta

Dima Cube.