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Every boss wants to thank his co-workers and give them a great New Years or Christmas party. Lately these kind of parties have become a necessary part of a team building. The best addition for a party will be a professional photographer who will film every moment of the most important holiday of the year.

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Different companies have various traditions of celebrating Christmas and New Years Eve.
But for every kind of a party you need to have a professional photographer.

New Year corporate photographer

You can use my pictures as a gift to you co-workers. Also, you can load pictures from this party on social networks and on your company website to show customers that you are a close-knit and friendly team that celebrates holidays together.

To book a photographer for a New Years  or Christmas party in Moscow

is a smart investment in the reputation of your business.

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A professional photographer always knows how to take the best pictures. For example, we can make a special zone with a poster with your logo on it and Christmas decorations, here we will take beautiful pictures of everyone together or of each co-worker.

new year photographer

photographer for a new year's event

Unlike other photographers in Moscow, I apply an individual approach to each task, and my many years of experience give you confidence about the quality of the photos.

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