Love story in Malta

Sea, rocks, breathtaking landscapes… this is the best combination for a beautiful photo shoot. And where is this unique place that combines all these qualities? It’s Malta and its capital city Valletta.
This country is one of the most romantic places on Earth. Many couples choose holidays in Valletta to spend time together and enjoy the warm climate, the sea, and the history. I often visit Malta and I know all of its most beautiful places. The romance of this place immediately determines the main theme of a photo shoot.

A love story photo shoot in Malta

will be the best gift for each other.

Lave story photographer

You can secretly

book a love story photo shoot in Malta

for your girlfriend and make it a nice gift for her during your holiday on the island.

Malta photographer for Love story

We can go to the one of old cities and find beautiful locations, or go to the coast and take romantic pictures against white rocks and the sunset. Or we can tell a story using different locations.

Лавстори на Мальте

I like to find interesting angles for pictures and I don’t like to use standard poses. No forced smiles – my clients always look natural in my pictures.

Лавстори на Мальте

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