Ideas for a wedding photo session in Malta

Are you tired of the endless winter in Moscow or in another cold city in Europe?
And maybe you’re bored with standard wedding pictures in parks or in official buildings if even they were taken by a professional photographer?
All these pictures don’t have something special, they don’t have own emotions and memories. Especially if the weather in Moscow or in another cold city in Europe is bad in the winter and early spring for wedding photo sessions. Nowadays more and more couples are looking for inspiration in extraordinary places and countries to make their wedding unique.

Wedding photo in Malta

Malta is the one of these unusual places.

The wedding photo session in Malta

will be your unforgettable gift to each other. This small country has a lot of cool places, beautiful beaches and landscapes that other countries don’t have. Malta is the one of most romantic place on Earth.
I have a lot of ideas for photo sessions in Malta and there is a short list of my ideas.
The weather in Malta is perfect in March and April. It’s not cold or too hot, it’s about +16-20 C. It means that the bridge will feel comfortable in her fluffy dress, and the fiancé will okay in his black suit.


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The main working principle for a photo shoot in Malta is a game with a contrast, color and texture. The bride in a white dress will look perfect against the background of a sandy city, relief rocks or against a bright sky.


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Do not be afraid to play with hard lines of a background. You need to use all the features such as rocks, water, sky, grass to create the dynamics in the photo and work with silhouettes.

Another good idea for pictures in Malta is a soft light and no contrast. We will look for deep shadows and pastel shades or play with the reflected light.


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The most important thing is a plan. I will offer you a list of different locations in advance, think over the best route, and we will choose the best time. The photo session will be easy and relaxed.
Malta is a sunny place in winter, March and April. So you need to use the sunsets for your pictures. Photos taken against the sun will be full of romance: soft blurred silhouettes, tenderness. Shooting in the sun at the sunset will make photos with peach color, warm tones. It makes pictures sensitive.


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Don’t doubt that a honeymoon or a wedding in Malta will be the best decision in your life. And of course don’t forget to invite me to take pictures of you to show your happiness to all friends and relatives.
If you are already planning a wedding in Malta, just read my topic.

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